10 Personal Brand Examples That You should Learn From Today

Brandingin yourself is the foundation of building a powerful business carrier as an individual.
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Personal branding is all about knowing and defining your valuable and unique attributes to employers or customers. It helps you to reconnect with the world through your vision, passion, values, and personal purposes for career fulfillment. For your motivation, here are 10 Personal Brand Examples.

Personal branding empowers you to get clarity about your talents, authentic self, strengths, skills, and areas of expertise to make yourself unique in the market. The procedure drives you to ask feedback from management, staff, clients, mentors, employees, and peers.

Personal branding allows you to create a communication plan and embrace 3C’s of brandings, such as constancy, consistency, and clarity.

10 Persuasive Branding Examples

Are you interested in personal branding? Here are a few experts who may be a motivation for you.

  • Leonard Kim

Leonard KimBy the completion of 2010, Leonard Kim was homeless. Instead of feeling sorry about his condition, he started working on personal branding and recognized as a youth marketer and top digital.

Now he has created inspiring content for people and teaching them the ways to discover, grow and establish their brands. He has featured in regular publications like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune and Fox News. At InfluenceTree, he is a managing partner and developed a course to share his secrets of personal branding.

  • Tim Ferriss

Tim FerrissHe is a famous author of the bestselling book “The Four Hour Work Week.” The book is published in 35 languages and sold over 1.35 million copies. To build this brand, Tim found comfort in uniqueness. As per Tim, if your notions don’t conform to the traditions of the world, it may not be a bad thing.

Instead of considering yourself a misfit, you should work on your ideas. You have to break out this tradition and understand the importance of personal branding. Everyone has different attributes, and your individuality can be a particular brand for you.


  • Dennis Yu 

He helps people grow their proficiency in strategy and management of social mediaHe worked with enterprise customers like Rosetta Stone, Nike, and Golden State Warriors. He is a well-known international lecturer for Facebook marketing.

He is featured in Evening CBS News, Fox News, TechCrunch, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. Dennis Yu is a regular contributor to SocialTimes column of Adweek. He is working at a leadership position at American Airlines and Yahoo.

  • Alex Baackes

Alex BaackesFor personal branding, Alex Baackes uses a color story and simple logo. These simple features make her site pop. She highlights logo across all social media platforms, so it is easy to know her association with logo.

The simple green and yellow color story with different stock icons become an appealing foundation for her photography and travel blog. She proves the efficiency of personal websites with color and logo story to unify your only presence.

  • Seth Godin

Seth GodinSeth Godin has successfully branded himself as a public speaker, author, entrepreneur, and super marketerHe is running a successful blog and got the title of “Godfather of Contemporary Marketing”. Concepts of Seth Godin about Success are really different.

In the opinion of Seth, winners don’t try different things, but they find different ways to do things. He is a famous marketer of the current era. His books are all about observations instead of guides, to do lists and steps. Before writing books, he just observes the life of ordinary people and experiment to find out the solution to their problems.

  • Ryan Foland

Ryan FolandHe specialized in strategic communication for corporate and personal brands. He created 3-1-3 theory. During this procedure, pitches start as three sentences that are considered one sentence and boiled down to 3 words. Foland tests his methodology at UC Irvine and oversees marketing strategy and social media strategies.

Foland works as a Co-founder of InfluenceTree and clarifies personal branding to increase the understating of people. He appeared in TEDx, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and Fortune.

  • Nicolas Cole

Cole is a famous author, entrepreneur and creative strategist. He obtained over 20,000,000 views on online writingHis work can be accessed in Slate, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, Fortune, Forbes and Time. He is a featured writer on Quora.

Cole built a striking portfolio for working with entrepreneurs, influencers, business leaders and leaders by leveraging a unique value of every brand.

  • Charles Anderson

He is a renowned leader in online financing business and is a founder and CEO of Currency (money) CapitalAnderson has worked on a mission to ensure that each business must fulfill its potential.

Thoughts of Anderson on leadership can be observed in Yahoo Finance, Equipment Magazine and Forbes. His guidance on disturbing the festered equipment and heavy machinery financing industry propels his own offline branding.

  • Mark Lack

Mark LackHe is a motivational coach and speaker who is devoted to bracing the professions of marketers and entrepreneurs. He is featured in many podcasts, TV episodes, YouTube channel, magazines and radio shows spanning over 140 countries.

  • Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg FitzpatrickShe is a queen for creating personalized images for her sites. Her social media and blog sites are loaded with branded graphics and selfies.

She is responsible to promote graphic designs on social media sites. It is a simple skill, but her way of presentation makes her special among others. Her work inspires everyone to incorporate all these elements into their personal websites


I hope these 10 personal brand examples have helped to see what you can do to start branding yourself from today or at least very soon.

You can choose any one of them as your motivation and start working on your personal brandingJust like them, you have to recognize your uniqueness and strength. If you have something exclusive or a diverse style, you can treat it as a strength.

Pay attention to your online profile and share your unique qualities to attract potential employer and clients. Outward appearance can take branding to another level. You should start personal branding by developing a website.

You can increase the trust of potential customers with head-on communication. Create a beautiful logo for your products, services, and website. This logo will become your recognition in the long run.