How to Create Bundle Listing on Amazon

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Creating bundle listing has many advantages for Amazon sellers.

Bundle listing has many benefits, for both sellers and buyers. It involves more than just bundling the random products.

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There are some rules and strategies involved which help Amazon sellers to optimize their conversion rates, exposure of new products, but also increase the sales rate of some older products that aren’t doing very well.

Creating bundle listings on Amazon won’t only make you stand out from the crowd, but it will help you beat the competition.

If you don’t know where to start or how to create bundle listing on Amazon, don’t worry because you’re at the right place.

Benefits of Creating Bundle Listing on Amazon

The biggest benefit of creating bundle listing on Amazon is that it allows you to create new and unique products for Amazon’s catalog.

Another benefit is that it’s most likely you will the only seller who has the listing, which will automatically get you to Buy Box. You can get to Buy Box with both individual and bundle items.

If you’re feeling that you have some of the items that aren’t selling well, you can increase their sale by bundling them with more popular items or bundling them with complementary goods.

On top of that, you can even add the premium price which will help you earn more profit than you would earn by selling products separately.

When you release a new product and you’re trying to get better exposure, bundling it with your best selling products can raise the awareness.

By staying unique, you will be able to become a king (or queen) of the Buy Box, and it’s something everyone wishes for, right?

Unique bundles are a straight way to win a Buy Box and beat the competition by standing out of the crowd.

How to Create a Bundle Listing on Amazon

Before creating bundle listing on Amazon, you should definitely spend some time getting familiar with Amazon bundle policies.

Nobody wants to get that perfect bundle listing that will win the Buy Box, yet to have it removed by Amazon for breaking the policies, right?

Determine your Bundle

When you decide to create a bundle listing on Amazon, the first thing you have to consider is what will you bundle together.

The best way to approach this step would be to search your competitors and see whether there are any bundles that exist in your niche. That way, you will be able to see what’s selling, what’s attractive to buyers, what are the sellers earning a profit on etc.

If you still need some ideas, frequently bought together feature will help you understand what’s trending and selling well together nowadays.

You can use those product ideas to create a bundle which will give the buyers a discount. You will be able to easily find what’s converting, and make it even more convertible.

Create a New Product Form

When you know which products you are going to bundle together, you have to create a new product form. That way, you will list the bundle as its own piece of the unit. However, that option is only available to professional sellers.

Simply head to the Inventory -> Add a Product -> Create New Product

There, you have to fill all the necessary information and choose in which category would you place your bundle.

Get the New UPC

One of the Amazon requirements when creating a bundle is that you have a new UPC which is separate from the products you’re bundling. You are able to buy a new UPC directly through GS1 or any other 3rd party seller.

But, keep in mind that not all Amazon categories require a new UPC. If your category doesn’t require you to get a new bundle UPC, you can skip this step.

Getting a new bundle UPC will always help to gain more visibility and to eliminate any competition. So it can be a great thing to get, even when Amazon doesn’t require it.

Create Opti

mised Bundle Title

Just like listing optimization works, you want to optimize your new bundle listing.

That means you should create a bundle title that is descriptive but never stuff it with keywords! You should always have a word bundle in your title and list the items as a bundle in the description.

The format you should follow is next:

Main Product Title + Bundle With + Product Components


Main Product Title + Bundle With + Bundle Components Summary

Write Bundle Description

Bundle description is very important because it’s a part that should be optimized for Amazon searching. But it should also specifically describe each product in the bundle.

In the first line of description, always state that it’s a bundle with “number” of items. Then, you should always list the items.

The rest of the bundle description is up to your imagination. Explain the products and its benefits to the customers. It’s a great way to start.

Bundle Photos

One of many Amazon bundle requirements is that you have a proper photograph of all items in one picture. The background has to be white.

After you have that, you can add other photos that will show the individual products. However, only showcase products that are included in the bundle.

Bundle Packaging

The last, yet not the least important thing is the bundle packaging. You have to create a packaging that will be suitable for shipping and handling.

Also, the correct bundle UPC should be visible on the outside of the package.

Always put all the products in one bag or wrap them together so handlers know it’s shipped as one unit. A useful thing would be to a sticker or tag on the product packaging which says something like “Sold as a set” or “Do not separate”.


And there you have a full guide on how to create bundle listing on Amazon.

It’s not a hard thing to do, but there are definitely necessary requirements and rules you have to follow. However, the end result will be worth it. All the benefits that come with bundling work will be worth your time.

What’s your favorite category for creating bundle listings?