How to Sell on Amazon without Inventory

How to Sell on Amazon without Inventory
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Most Amazon sellers follow a tried and tested formula: buy valuable items from distributors such as Walmart, find the best market for those products and then start selling online. This approach centers around building an inventory of high-quality items. Over time, it usually becomes necessary to invest in a warehouse or find a fulfillment center to store all the products before shipping them out.

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But what if you don’t want to deal with the inventory at all? Is it possible to thrive in this business without dealing with any products?

Do you absolutely need to start with an investment before you can start making a profit? Is it necessary to take financial risks to succeed in this business?

Product Partnering May Be the Best Option for You

If you’re wondering how to sell on Amazon without inventory, you should start looking into product partnering.


You can start working as a product partner without investing any startup capital whatsoever. If you opt for doing this job, you won’t have to deal with storing, packaging or shipping any inventory. Additionally, you won’t have any risks or sudden expenses at all.

Product partnering is a cooperative business model. The first step is to find a business partner who has stock to sell but doesn’t have the time or inclination to work out the best ways to sell it.

Your partner could be a small business, an institution or even a celebrity. There are many different kinds of inventory out there, waiting to be sold. It could be up to you to find the best buyers and strike up mutually beneficial deals.

What Do You Need to Get Started in order to successfully sell on Amazon without inventory?

To be successful at product partnering, you need to be organized and dedicated. But you also need to bring some specialized knowledge to the table.

This is why it is a very good idea to start with some self-education. Instead of relying on guesswork, you can make use of the experience others have gathered over time. Taking the Proven Product Partnering course is one good way to gain access to this knowledge. This course alone can show you how to sell on Amazon  without inventory.

This online course is available to anyone from absolute beginners to Amazon experts. People from around the world can achieve success with product partnering, so the course is internationally popular.

It can provide you will the necessary skills to help your partner get their business off the ground. You will also receive blueprints that will help you through setting up your new career.

In addition to a lot of practical ideas, you will receive specific scripts you can use to set up partnerships or communicate with buyers. This extends to the best ways to ask for referrals from your work partners. After all, building up a good reputation can be the key to succeeding in this field.

What Does Successful Product Partnering Look Like?

Some people skills are necessary in order to get a good partnership going. After all, you want to avoid partnering with anyone who is going to waste your time. Marketing skills are crucial as well, but you can keep developing them as you work.

It’s up to your partner to provide the inventory and any starting capital. Your part of the arrangement is doing research, finding buyers and striking deals. Hence, your personal financial success will depend only on the success of your sales.

Product partnering may be the lowest-risk way to make money on Amazon. At worst, you will gain nothing and lose nothing. At best, you will find deals that will work for the buyer, for your partner and for you as well.

Are There Any Expenses at All when someone is selling on Amazon without inventory?

Many people find their product partners in different states or even different countries. Long-distance partnerships usually come with very few expenses. All they require is good communication and a strong personal business strategy.

However, you may need to invest in tools that will help you do the best possible market research. This can mean virtual private servers, Amazon tracking tools or access to various Amazon keyword research sites.

In many cases, your partner will be willing to finance this research. But even if it’s up to you to make this investment, the profits will make it worthwhile.

Should You Only Stick to One Partner?

Some find it rewarding to focus on one task at a time. However, selling on Amazon comes with some ups and downs, and being a product partner comes with less control than selling your own stock. In short, there can be some unforeseen failures.

For example, since your partner is the one who takes care of the inventory, you can’t be absolutely sure they’re providing the product quality that they’re supposed to. It is possible that you will have to dissolve some partnerships before you find partners who match your dedication to quality and good service.

You also might require some time to discover market niches that need filling. All in all, the best approach is to find more than one partner whenever that’s a possibility. Remember that you can use referrals and leverage your connections in order to find the best possible partners for you.

Diversifying your income will provide you with a very stable basis. From there, you can choose to take on new and even more challenging partnerships. But once your profits start arriving, you might also feel inspired to start buying and selling products on your own.


There are many roads to success. Learning how to sell on Amazon without inventory can be your very first step towards success in a flourishing field.

By taking an online course, you can become an expert and do extremely valuable work. You can save businesses from bankruptcy or help some absolute beginners find their niches.

Your job will cover research, market testing and establishing various new connections. After all, you want to make the products in question seem as appealing as possible. All the financial risks fall on your partner.

Product partnering comes many upsides and very few downsides. But it requires enthusiasm, dedication, and knowledge. So, if you are interested in trying this approach to selling on Amazon, you should start learning about it as soon as possible.