10 Most Profitable Items To Import From China

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While considering import business opportunities, an important decision you must make is the selection of products. If you want to earn profit from Chinese imported products, you have to choose 10 most profitable products to import from China.

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Selection of right products is the hardest decision for each entrepreneur. If you want to earn money, you have to select the most profitable ITems to import from China. You can do research to get an idea of the latest trends and estimate sales volume of different products.

In this article, you will find out 10 most profitable items to import from China. These items will help you to increase your revenue.

10 Most Profitable Products To Import From China

Low production cost is an important factor among numerous others that decrease the price of Chinese products. If you want to import something, it can be a challenging decision to pick one for you.

For successful importing business, it is essential to decide the products that can give you a maximum turnover. Here are a few products with good earning potential.

  • Vehicles

Special luxury vehicles like Mercedes Benz, Audi and BMW are available at affordable rates to foreigners in China. The Shangai has the latest rule to make the place a free zone for trade. This step provides good to legalize the procedure of selling vehicles to other countries. You can get a 20% discount with the help of a 20% discount deal. If you can purchase a vehicle from China at a 20% discount, you can earn a good profit by selling this car. 

  • Steel and Iron

Steel and iron have high demand and China is the major manufacturer of steel and major importer of steel from the U.S. by over 17% share. It means steel has a high demand in China and the United States. You can get iron and steel at an affordable price. They are selling their products at an affordable price as compared to other countries. You can purchase these products from America and China.

  • Plastic

Plastic is special for its versatile applications, such as it I frequently used in laptop cases and cosmetics. The plastic is off lowest value and you can sell it at a high profit. Based on the properties of plastic you have to import, feel free to sell vinyl to industries where it has higher demands.

  • Consider Brushes

If you want to initiate importing from China, you can start with brushes. You can get lots of brushes and save good per unit amount. The tariff charges in some states are free. In a few countries, the costs may go over 7%.

This wide field can allow you to decide the right brush, such as floor sweepers, squeegees, paint pad, brushes, and brooms.

  • Apparel

The cost of clothing in America is consistently rising, and it is expected to grow. Almost 78% of shoes, sandals, and sleepers, 55% imported dresses and 71% of beautiful ties are imported to the United States by China. Demand for apparel is high in the United States.

  • Crocheted and Knitted Apparel

Imported apparel from China can be really beneficial. You can import different apparels at once because these are light in cloth. You can find them easily in store. China has enlarged the import of cotton and they can make more clothes to sell them at a low cost. If you want to become an importer for the apparel of China, you can consider importing knitted and crocheted apparel.

  • Footwear

China has the largest category for footwear to import in the United States, such as almost $17 billion. These types of products can make you rich quickly. There are numerous things to decrease the cost of footwear, such as low production cost, low taxation, and material cost.

You can import Chinese footwear. You can quickly sell these shoes and other footwear and earn a good profit.

  • Furniture

Current recovery in the market of real estate and the decrease in the rate of unemployment has increased the demand for furniture. The importers of the United States prefer to work with different kinds of house furniture. Export of these products is growing by 35% annually.

In China, the production cost for each square foot is $3 – $4 in China. The production cost of furniture is meager so you can start importing furniture from China to earn money.

  • Sports Equipment, Games and Toys

While importing products to other countries, you should check the requirements and restrictions. Introducing toys, games and sports equipment in the United States is legal. You can get these products from China and sell in your country to earn a profit.

  • Accessories and Arts

Importing things from China to any other country is a highly profitable business. Paintings, drawings, and pastels are in high demand in the United States. These products are terrified free so that you can import these products from China.

Most of the items mentioned in this article are great niches so you will get a chance to niche down for specializing. Niching down can be helpful to find sweet spots in the hearts of buyers. Imports from China have numerous options. You can earn good money by choosing your items with great care. 


If you want to become a successful importer, you should decide a product and start your research on it. Your selected products will be of high quality to earn money. You may get a chance to save money on shipping by purchasing items in bulk.

Consider the profit margin of each product and its potential to earn money. Try to collect the right information of the market in China to understand their products with an excellent profit margin. Shipping products one by one from China will be costly. You should find a way to save money on shipping expenses. So, 10 most profitable products to import from China can be the best choice.

Google will assist you to find out the latest trends in China and their effects in your country. Try to find out the hot demands of your potential customers and fulfill them by importing them from China. Motivate yourself to share the right information with the customers of your business.